Helmut Eisel & Winds (en)

Talking Clarinet and Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Again and again Helmut Eisel is getting back to his very own musical roots by continuing to work and perform with symphonic wind orchestras. Also in this genre – with arrangements of his own compositions as well as with the combination of concerts and improvisation workshops – he has prooved a recipe for infectious and tremendously inspiring concerts on the highest musical level. To some of the orchestra musicians Helmut Eisel will even open free spaces for their own creative handling of the musical material. The audience therefore will invariably await an unusually intense dialogue between the soloist and the orchestra, which is far from “just” accompanying. After two sold out concerts with the Stadtmusikkapelle Landeck the “Tiroler Tageszeitung” is raving: “… This charm, this musical sensitivity and the atomizing glance of this exceptional artist let also the Landeck orchestra ablaze in brightest light. Laughing, crying, sobbing, musing, grouching, singing, turning summersaults is just some of the things it could do, the clarinet of this Klezmer musician from Germany, one of the most popular of his kind.” And after a concert with the Symphonic Wind Orchestra Wemmetsweiler the “Saarbrücker Zeitung” writes: “The internationally renowned Klezmer clarinetist Helmut Eisel offered together with the Wemmetsweiler musicians a concert in class of its own… With pieces composed and arranged especially for this concert Eisel showed his mastership: virtuoso skills and empathic improvisations. An arc of suspense was spreading over the whole concert, in which the Symphonic Wind Orchestra, conducted by Martin Folz, was not just the accompanist, but a congenial partner of the soloist.” Audio samples:

Here is a report about Helmut Eisel’s projects with symphonic wind orchestras in the German magazine “clarino” 9/2012: “Keine Angst vor neuen Wegen – Spannende Projekte: Helmut Eisel & Winds” For more information or to get a look at the music sheets please contact [email protected]