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Talking Clarinet and Choir

The idea of singing and telling stories with his clarinet is Helmut Eisel’s trademark and it is characterizing his compositions and interpretations across all genres and combinations of instruments. Playing together with choirs it is finding expression in the most immediate and intuitive way, as the human voice represents the direct flow of musical energy and emotion from the performer to the audience. With his clarinet Helmut Eisel is bridging the gap from the stage to the concert hall, from music of most various origins to the sonorous present.

Meanwhile there exist a number of arrangements of Helmut Eisel’s compositions for klezmer clarinet and choir. Important to say that again they leave room for improvising solo singers, in order to express very personal emotions, born out of the musical moment. Again this also emphazises the aspect of communication between the musicians on stage as well as the dialogue between them and the audience.

Improvisation with choir and audience

Review of a concert with the Capella Vocale in Alfeld, 2010 (German)