Everyman (en)


To replace a speaking voice against a “talking clarinet” in a theatrical performance seems to be a really crazy idea. You need an open and curious team and especially a courageous stage director – and just look: It’s going to be and outstanding success!

In 2009 I played the role of the “Death” in Hugo von Hoffmannsthal’s “Jedermann” at the Bad Gandersheimer Domfestspiele (stage director: Johannes Klaus) – almost exclusively on his clarinet! Johannes Klaus, intendant of the dome festival in Bad Gandersheim, accorded me my absolute dream part. And the work with those excellent artists – it was just great! Thanks a lot!

The plot: “Everyman” celebrates an orgy. Suddenly, Death appears and summons him to the Last Judgement. With his clarinet! But Everyman tries to debate…

Direction: Johannes Klaus, Music: Helmut Eisel, Choreography: Kati Farkas Video: Angelika Laube

Actors: Volker Niederfahrenhorst (Everyman), Helmut Eisel (Death) and Peter Anger, Irmgart Benesch, Claudia Couwenbergh, Eva Haunschild, Guido Kleineidam, Reinhard Krökel, Hans Lydman, Thomas Neumann, Lisa Quarg, Laura Quarg, Dionne Wudu 


Scene from the production of “Everyman” (Hugo von Hofmannsthal) at the festival in Bad Ganderheim 2009: